What is Windows?

What is Windows? Features and Categories of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the most-used operating system of computers in the world. We can define an operating system as the software used to enable the computer work and to manage…

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Windows Evolution

Chronological History of Microsoft Windows Evolution

Microsoft Windows is a group of operating systems. We take a gander at the historical backdrop of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems (Windows OS)and Window versions from 1985 to show day….

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best online stores

Best Online Stores To Experience Better and Reliable Shopping

There are presently 3 billion internet users who are using the internet for the day to day activities. People use the internet for many purposes like to know unknown things,…

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mPassport Seva App – For Easier and Faster Passport Application

In the previous days, passport application was a tough task. The applicant had to do rounds around the passport offices to apply, for police verification, and to get a passport….

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Netflix : All You Need to Know about the Best Video Streaming Website

Netflix foundation was laid on August 29, 1997, at Scott’s Valley, California. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph are the key people to give birth to the website. Netflix has its…

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Reddit : Everything You Need to Know About Reddit

When we need to know something about news, books, science, music, etc., we go for Google or for any other search engine. Why should we do the common thing always?…

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top world news websites

Top World News Websites 2018 : Unbiased News Organizations

The news is always an important thing for us. We always search for the best news websites 2018 to know what is happening around the world. In recent years the…

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importance of internet in education

Internet in Education Advancement – What is the Significance Of Internet?

Currently, the role of the Internet in education is increasingly present, whether for searches of texts and images or the propagation of books or videos. The role of the internet…

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