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The usage of mobile applications has been increasing day by day in this digital era. Mobile users are using these mobile apps for different functions than on the desktops and laptops. Researchers have revealed the fact that usage of mobile applications strongly correlates with user context and depends on user’s location and time of the day. Today, we have the mobile apps ready for assisting every activity of human life. Right from Waking Up apps to Sleep Reminders, we have software applications to support us in every aspect of our life. This article – Best Android Apps for Students – is going to introduce some of the best android apps for students to assist the students in Learning and Living.

Best Android Apps

  The Best Apps on Android for Students

Apps for Waking Up

 Sleep Cycle  

Waking up made easy with Sleep Cycle. An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. This is one of the best android apps for students.


Best Android Apps

Alarmy is the innovative solution for those who just can’t seem to get up on time, even with an alarm clock. This app has been cleverly designed to force you to get out of bed. You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and take a photo of the registered area.

Best Fitness Tracking App Android

Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker App Reach your fitness goals & boost your running training with the free Runtastic GPS Running & Fitness app. Let it be your go-to fitness tracker (distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned – for activities like running, jogging, biking & walking. It’s the best walking, running and jogging app on the planet! And, this runner app is fully optimized for Android Wear 2.0. The app is a must-have app and one of the best android apps for students.

Nike Trainer App

Best Android Apps

Let the Nike Training Club, your Ultimate Personal Trainer. Get fit with 160+ free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga — featuring our world-class Nike Master Trainers in every drill. If the structure is what you need, its personalized training plans adapt to you and your schedule for a one-way ticket to the body you want — whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started. Nike trainer app is one of the best android apps for students.

Best Healthy Eating Apps for Android

Calorie Counter 

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet MyFitnessPal has you covered. Its members have lost over 200 million pounds and 88% of people who track for at least seven days on MyFitnessPal lose weight. Sign up for FREE and start living a happier and healthier life today!


Lose It! is the world’s most fun and useful weight loss program! Just download the app, set your goal, and track the foods you love to lose weight. It’s simple: You use it, you lose it.  This fitness app is the best android app for students.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker 

Tracking calories works! Join the millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the most user-friendly way to track your calories and stay fit on your Android Phone.

Best Lecture Apps for Android

Lecture Notes 

LectureNotes is a platform for Peer-to-Peer Notes sharing, where faculties, toppers, and institutes share their class notes with other students. LectureNotes aims to remove dictation from Classroom and bind the students and teachers(educators) community worldwide into a single platform where they can Learn, Share and Educate each other. Students can find notes for all their subjects relevant to their syllabus prepared by faculties of their university. They can connect with the faculty, get their doubts cleared and prepare well for both universities, placements, competitive exams and improve their knowledge and understanding of the concept. Lecture Notes is one of the best android apps for students to record lectures.

Khan Academy 

Best Android Apps

Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free.-You can learn anything for free. Over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertips in math, science, economics, history, and much, much more. Learn using videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra), science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics, and even the humanities with playlists on art history, civics, finance, and more. Khan Academy is one of the best android apps for students which offers its service for free of cost.

Best Revision Apps for Android

Study Blue Flashcards and Quizzes

Take your notes into the wild. They won’t bite. The StudyBlue flashcard app is like getting magical powers to transform everything from a music festival bathroom line to boring bus/train/plane trips into productive study time. Hold 10+ million students and 400+ million flashcards in the palm of your hand. It creates, studies and shares your digital flashcards for free. It Customizes your study materials with images and audio.

Exam Countdown app

Exam Countdown is a free and simple app to keep track of exam and test dates. The ‘must have’ app for ALL students preparing for exams and tests at ALL levels. It stores all your important review and test dates in one place. It Stays focuses on a daily countdown. It Shares your exam or test on Facebook and Twitter.

Best Exam Preparation Apps for Android


BenchPrep offers test preparation courses for GRE, GMAT, and the LSAT. This award-winning test prep platform is adaptive, fun & effortless. The BenchPrep Companion app allows you to continue your studies on the go. Bench prep is one of the best android apps for students for examination preparation.

TCY Exam Preparation App

 Think of any exam, and it has been already covered on TCYonline. One-stop solution for all the exam related problems you’d ever face in your life. It offers Mock Tests, Topic-wise and Sectional tests for GATE, Engineering/Medical, MBA/CAT, Bank, SSC, GRE/GMAT, CSAT and many more exams. Host Challenges & compete with toppers; Personalize your learning, and Get remedial Solutions for growth. Practice Tests available for more than 180+ categories of exams:

Best Student Planner Apps for Android

My Class Schedule

 My Class Schedule keeps the student life organized. This app will not only keep you informed about your upcoming classes but also reminds you of exams and unfinished homework. The main feature of My Class Schedule is its timetable that shows your schedule for any particular day or week. Additionally, there are many other helpful features, for example, a grade overview of your average grades or the ability to automatically mute your phone during class. My Class Schedule app is one of the best android apps for students for organized study. 

Time Table 

The Timetable is the most beautiful and intuitive app on Google Play for managing your school or university life. Save your timetable and all tasks from homework to exams. You only need to enter them once, because, Timetable syncs across all your Android devices. Often forget to turn down your phone’s volume? No problem the app automatically mutes your phone during lessons.

Best Bibliography Apps for Android


EasyBib is the world’s best and most accurate citation generator. With over 10+ years of citation generation and billions of citations generated to date, we guarantee the most precise bibliography. EasyBib allows you to create citations for your bibliography in seconds automatically. EasyBib is one of the best android apps student must have.

Citation Maker

Don’t get overwhelmed with your citations anymore. Give Citation Maker whatever information you have about your book, journal or website, and this App does the rest.  With a sleek design, it’s a must for anyone creating their bibliography.

Best Video Chat app for Android


Best Android Apps

The Skype you know, and love has an all-new design, supercharged with a ton of new features and new ways to stay connected with the people you care about most. Messaging is made awesome.  More than just text, send photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons, and more. You can also respond to any message from your contacts with reactions. Skype is one of the best android apps for students for video calling


This new Facetime Video for call advice free messaging, file transfer, push notifications, audio/video calls. Best Guide of how to Use instant messaging, voice or video calls features to keep in touch with friends and family. Features of Facetime dual call are – The possibility to distinguish between common and regular messages and The ability of Facetime to send video size 30 MB instead of 15 MB.

Some other Best Android apps for students


DropBox assists in accessing and editing documents, uploading photos and playing videos.


The app is a software application for quizzing and evaluation.


Penultimate is an app for writing with a digital pen and for uploading the work to any device.

Oxford English Dictionary

This app is a must-have app for the students.


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