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Using Mac! well, then what is your selection of apps to run Mac? There are some thousands of the best Mac apps available in the store but very few suits the best. We at our richest possibility made a way to know about the best Mac apps. We can get any of the best apps for Mac from the Mac App store otherwise from the developers’ website. As Apple takes a cut on the apps many developers are reluctant to use these complicated apps.

best Mac apps

Whatever the task we perform in a Mac, we have a specific app for that. Many of the apps are free and we can still purchase some premium apps also. Let discuss the best mac apps.

Best Mac Apps for Productivity 

Google Chrome – The Best Browsing App

best mac apps

When we go for web browsing most of the choices wish to google. Because Google is at the top of the search engines and it is the fastest web browser. We can get this app from Mac app for free. If not safari, google chrome shall be the next choice.

Firefox Quantum

best mac apps

The thing to recognize is that Google is not the owner of the Firefox. Macs can give a good support to run Firefox. Now Firefox is on the big race with its latest version Firefox Quantum. If we don’t want to use Chrome, Firefox can bring out the best. We can get this app for free. We can say this as a worthy replacement for Google Chrome and Safari.

One Note – The Best Note Taking App for Mac

best mac apps

Like the word, One Note is the best note taking the app developed by Microsoft. This modern app looks like a new version of the word, of course not. One Note can give the best platform for those who are about to pen down their thoughts and notes. This can be installed from app store.


best mac apps

Evernote is pretty similar to one note. A slight difference is observed between one note and Evernote. The best characteristic feature we can prefer is a Microsoft’s ecosystem interface. The free version is available from app store. Further, we can update to the latest versions as needed.

Text Expander

best mac apps

Getting bored by spending more time to type repeated text – Here is the app that helps you better. Text Expander is the easy way to type repeated text with some keystrokes. So that it will be nothing hard to handle the repeated texts by using text expander. We can use Snippets, abbreviations, macros, delimiters in order to type a long text in small time. Stop wasting your time and spend it with Text Expander.

a Text

best mac apps

After the most used text expander aText takes the next place. The app costs less than that of the two-month pack of text expander. But some pro features are lost in the app those observed in text expander. Data can be imported from text expander and other text apps. We can buy the app for ₹4.99.


best mac apps

Among many apps, Alfred is an award-winning app for Mac OS. Initially, it is a launcher and later it took upgraded as an app. Using this app, it is possible to control the Mac with custom actions. With all the keyboard shortcuts we can browse files and work with them. This way some countless hours are saved. Alfred Remote for iOS is used to bring more productivity to music.


best mac apps

When it comes to talking about a better online face communication, then Skype is the best option. Skype is one of the best video calling mac apps. The App allows the user to make both audio and video calls at cheaper rates. Skype reached its position to make the stand the craze for video calls on Macs. The free version of Skype is available in the app store. Definitely, you can get a good app in your Mac apps list after getting this.


best mac apps

Twitter finally made an entry into Macs with Tweetbot. The good interface makes us attracted towards it with light and dark themes. Tweetbot has an expanded sidebar through which we can access subsections with a single click. The user can play Videos and GIFs automatically with a mouse over. Tweetbot works with iCloud sync. Go and install this full-featured twitter app in your Mac.


best mac apps

Airmail is an e-mail client for Mac OS. We know that email sucks a lot. But it is lowered of we use a great app like Airmail. Every feature of Airmail is beautiful. Better email experience is possible with Airmail. It is very easy to use like in the way the job is done by staying out of the app. Also support to use different accounts like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo etc. is provided. Airmail also supports shortcuts. This app is one of the best mail apps for Mac.


best mac apps

Slack’s desktop app brings more credibility to use the slack app. It can load our conversations and give a good control over the notifications. Apart from the app store, we can also download the slack app from the slack download page. Through this, it is easy to sign in for different workspaces. Also, switching between workspaces is not a difficult task with Slack. We can add Slack to the dock and respective dock icon notifications are received.


best mac apps

Besides Word, Ulysses is an ultimate and the best writing app for Mac. We can organize all works in one place. The user can transform the texts into PDFs, eBooks, and other word Documents. It is surprising that we can publish the prepared notes to word press within the app. There are too many options provided to work. By using this app,  we can enjoy the work even for long hours.


best mac apps

Wunderlist is one of the easiest apps for task management. It helps you in sharing shopping lists and managing multiple projects at a time. Wunderlist is an application for task management. This is a cloud-based application. This is the best to-do app for Mac.


best mac apps

Textmate is GUI text editor for Mac OS X. It features tabs for opening documents, declarative customization, folding sections, snippets, extensible bundle system and recordable macros. Textmate supports features to integrate with the OS X graphics.


best mac apps

Pages is a word processor to create stunning documents. It is useful for teamwork irrespective of the Apple device they are working on. It is one of the best Mac apps.

Better Touch Tool

best mac apps

Better Touch Tool is wonderful and packed with beautiful features that allow the user to customize different input devices on Mac. It supports MacBook Trackpad, keyboard shortcuts, Normal mouse gestures etc. Better Touch Tool is one of the best Mac apps.


best mac apps

LastPass saves all your Login details. Once you save a password with the Last pass, you can have it whenever you need it. LastPass enables faster logging in. It has a built-in password generator. It creates longer and more strengthy passwords. LastPass keeps your memberships, insurance cards, Wi-Fi passwords etc. safe.  It is the best security app for Mac.

Hotspot Shield

best mac apps

Hotspot Shield provides private and secure access to an open and free internet. You can enable access to sports, social networks, news, gaming and audio and video streaming.

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