The Best Free Music Websites to Stream Online

In the recent days, I have been searching for top music streaming sites that I can find the best music to hear. A few days back in the YouTube I have seen a video of David Guetta. David Guetta is a French DJ, songwriter, remixer and record producer. The special entrance of Nicki Minaj in that song made me a huge fan of her. Then on, I have been searching for the best music streaming sites for her music. And I found the most amazing music websites that are the best to stream music online.

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And for the question of downloading the music! It is not unnecessary to download music when there is a chance to stream it online. Yes, nowadays, every mobile has got internet, so it is not necessary to download music. You can simply listen to online music on these websites.

The Best Music Streaming Sites for you.

Jamendo music

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In Jamendo music, we can upload and download the songs for free. You can find all the free music on this website. All the music is protected by Creative Commons license; so, you can safely download music on this website. In this website, you will find only the independent music. So, if you are searching for any mainstream tracks of popular albums, you need to search somewhere else. You can also find good music for your videos in Jamendo for affordable prices.

Internet Archive

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Internet archive is another top online music streaming site to stream and download music online. Although the music is not well organized in internet archive website, you can find the best music with a little interest. In internet archive, you don’t only find free music, but also you will find the best audiobooks to listen. The internet archive was also found to be the best option when I was searching for Sherlock Holmes audiobook online. You can listen to thousands of audiobooks in internet archive website for free even without creating an account.


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Tidal offers the users seamless listening to music on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. The users can enjoy continuous music streaming on all types of platforms. Tidal is one of the best streaming music services.

Best Music Streaming Sites Featured Image is another famous online music streaming website that not only allows you to stream online music but also has a separate session for downloadable music in it. Even though you cannot find the latest music for download, you can enjoy yourselves listening to music online in the is a suitable website for the best music streaming.


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Musopen is not just a simple music website online, this is much more. It is also a good source for different music instruments courses. You can find different courses on different musical instruments with different styles. Those who want to learn and teach playing music instruments will find this Musopen as best online music website. You can also directly compose music in Musopen using different instruments styles in website

Google Play Music

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Google play music is a podcast and music streaming website. The users can enjoy romantic Bollywood popular songs, Bollywood dance hits, Punjabi popular Hits, Latest Kollywood hits, and Tollywood pop hits. The users can also listen to the best songs of film artists individually. Google Play music is one of the best music streaming sites.

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Noisetrade is unquestionably one of the best music streaming sites. In Noisetrade, you can find thousands of music tracks that are for free. It allows you to download any kind of music from any kind of album by simply searching the Noisetrade. In the Noisetrade, you don’t only find music but also you can find different kinds of books in audio formats. And books are well organized into categories, artists, and albums.

Best Music Streaming Sites Featured Image is an Indian music website where you can find all music of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and other languages in India. This is a music streaming website which is known for the best and licensed music. In Gaana, you can listen to unlimited music all the day long. You can also download music by getting a yearly subscription or a monthly subscription which are at very low prices. It is the most streamed music site in India. Gaana.Com is undoubtedly the best music streaming site.


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Deezer is one of the best music streaming sites. It is available for a limited number of countries. The US people can enjoy the online music of the best quality. The Users can find a large collection of interesting music. There is an option that the listeners can connect their social media accounts to know what their friends are playing.

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Saavn is another most popular music website in India. This also provides the best and licensed music to its users. You can find all the kinds of Indian music on this website. For Saavn’s legitimate fight on piracy, it has been selected as a Google partner for music a few years ago. It also allows the users to download the music to buy a monthly or yearly subscription.


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Pandora is definitely, the best music streaming site. There is a beautiful option with Pandora that the user can tune into a perfect radio station on the internet that plays the music type the user wants to listen to in lieu of listening to a particular song.

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Soundcloud is a famous music website throughout the globe. The SoundCloud not only serves music to listen but also it allows its users to download the music for free. Most of the music in is for free. Some of the licensed music can be previewed and later you can download by paying to SoundCloud. The SoundCloud tries to bring all the music that the user may put interest in and organizes in the website.

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We have seen all the sites that bring different music to the users from different websites and organizers on a path. But the SoundClick is different. The SoundClick directly takes the users to the artist’s website where the user can find all the music of the particular artist.

You can find much free music from several artists which you can download legally for free. You can also buy licensed music through Even though the user interface doesn’t look attractive, you can find different playlists and you can create radios to listen to.


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Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming sites. This website supports iOS, Windows and Android platforms. The music streaming quality is high even for the free users.


The above mentioned are the 10 best online music streaming sites that you can stream for music. There are also many other music websites that you can try for free. Many websites offer the music for users to download for free. There are also some other cool regular websites that you can download music from like Wikipedia, YouTube and Vimeo, which I am going to discuss in the next update. Stay tuned with our website for future updates. And also use the comment section below to share with our users, the websites you use to stream online music.

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