Best Smartphone browsers To Make Your Life Faster and Safer

Best Smartphone Browsers – Smartphone browsers are as necessary as the apps installed on your Android device. Many software applications are developed to substitute the browser on Android phone.  We have to search for the best smartphone browsers from among a long list of different web browsers.

In some situations, we need not use the browsers at all for internet usage. We always question ourselves – What is the best mobile web browser for Android? Here, an attempt has been made to give you details about the Best smartphone browsers.

Best Smartphone Browsers

Let us first compare the apps and the browsers. Installing an app to do a particular thing is not a bad idea. But the particular app will do only one particular operation. Like, if you are using a music app the app only plays music. That is the only thing assigned to it.

You can also open the same apps’ original website in the browser, and you can play the music from the browser. Hence one browser can perform the tasks what 10 apps can perform. Less space on your smartphone is used for installation of Apps.

Mostly on Android devices, a browser is pre-installed by default. But this may not give you full-length performance regarding some features. So it is always advisable to check out other best smartphone browsers too. There are many third-party browsers with best features like ad blocking etc.

Hence, here I bring a bunch of best smartphone browsers that you can install on your Android device to have best browsing experience in it. Let us take a tour of these browsers for Smartphone.

List of the Best Smartphone Browsers

The below is the list of best Smartphone browsers that are tested ok to use on your Smartphones. Each of them has its own purpose and its own features. Check out those and use one of them whose features you like the most.

Chrome Browser

Best Smartphone Browsers

You might have already known what Google Chrome is. Yes,  it is a Google product for browsing. It is the most popular browser not only for Android but also for Windows, Mac, and Apple etc. You can use this Google Chrome if you want your browsing to be safe and secure.

Google Chrome gives you the best protection for your data and best encryptions. Mostly Google Chrome shall installed freely on every Android device. So it is always better to keep it in.


  • Google Chrome is the fastest browser
  • Crashing with other Android apps
  • Data saving features free installed


  • For Android Google Chrome you cannot add any extensions
  • No ad blockers allowed

Download Chrome Browser here: Chrome Browser

Firefox Browser

Best Smartphone Browsers

The Firefox browser will be the best alternative for your default browser on your device. At the time of launching of Firefox, it is only available for Android users. Now it is also available for iOS and Apple users. Firefox is mostly known for its best add-ons. There are a bunch of add-ons included in the Firefox library which helps in making your browsing much easier. In Firefox private browsing is also available as in Chrome.


  • Best and fast Android and IOS browser
  • Best add-on features available in the library


  • A few bugs detected which are removed by the Firefox officials

Download FireFox Here: FireFox

Opera Browser

Best Smartphone Browsers

The Opera Browser comes in as four different products, Opera Browser, Opera Mini, opera coast, Opera Max. Each of them has its own significance.

The Opera browser is suitable for Android devices if your device is fast enough. You can use Opera Mini browser for devices with less speed. The Opera coast is totally designed for the iPhone. It brings best browsing experience in an iPhone.

And finally, if you need a data-free browsing experience you can opt for Opera Max. It saves the data to the maximum extent by compressing videos and images while browsing.


  • Data saving expert
  • Very good interface


  • Add-ons are very limited

Download  Opera Browser Here: Opera Browser

UC Browser

Best Smartphone Browsers

UC browser is another best Smartphone browser that is available for Android, iOS, windows phone and also even Microsoft Windows. It is much similar to Opera Mini browser. It has best features like night mode, ad blocking, cloud sinking, Facebook mode and many more.


  • Fast download speeds
  • Unlimited add-ons
  • You can view only text in web pages to save data.


  • Integration with other apps in your browser is less.

Download UC Browser Here: UC Browser

CM Browser

Best Smartphone Browsers

Though not a much popular application, the CM Browser has got good appreciations from its Limited audience. It was the well-rated android browsing app in Google Play Store. It is all because of its lightweight, i.e. it consumes less space on your Android device.

In cm browser, you can download and save online videos, files, or anything. It is also included with some pretty features like ad blockers, bookmarks, Incognito mode and gesture control etc. It is also included with page translator in it.


  • Best download protection
  • Fast and lightweight


  • No add-ons are available

Download CM Browser Here: CM Browser


These are the best Smartphone browsers that you can download free from Google Play Store. There are also a bunch of best browsers which are best for their own purposes. Every browser has something new in it. You can search for them in your regular play store and download them for free.

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