The Best Torrent Downloaders for Android for Better Torrenting

Before knowing anything about how to download torrents on Android, there are some things that many of us do not know about torrents. These torrents are used in our daily internet life in some way or the other.  Sometimes we do not even know we are going through these torrents. In this article, let us discuss how to download torrents on Android and the best torrent downloaders for Android.

best torrent downloaders for Android

Understanding Torrents

The torrents are nothing but files that are made easy for download purposes. Torrents are referred to as files that hold information that is to be downloaded.  When we attempt downloading torrent files, they download in the form of small bits holding all the information for the ‘to be downloaded’ file. It is always better to use the best torrent downloaders for android.

Are the Torrents Legal?

Torrents are mostly used for downloading TV shows and movies or some other large files like games etc. However, downloading a TV programme or a movie without paying for it is illegal. But these torrents are used worldwide and many countries do not bring strict rule abandon these torrents. So, as many people download these torrents it doesn’t seem legally violent to download torrent, but be carefull while downloading a pre-released movie or something.

Are the Torrents safe?

As the matter of safety, we cannot determine the torrents as safe or unsafe. This is because it all depends on the uploader. Many of the torrent providers upload safe files, but some may try to spread Trojans using the torrent files. Hence it is always good to check the uploader site twice before downloading the torrent files. It is safer always to use the best torrent downloaders for android. It is always good to be safe while downloading these torrents. Be sure that your identity is safe. Use VPN services while downloading torrents. See the list of best VPNs for android here.

How to download Torrents?

Here is a stepwise procedure to download torrents on an Android device.

  • First of all,  you need to find the magnet file from the provider. These magnet files are the torrent seekers. To download these files you can use torrent providers or official websites.
  • Download the best torrent downloaders from the play store. These torrent downloaders will help to add all the bits and to download.
  • Add the magnet to the torrent downloader. You can directly add the magnet to torrent downloader by clicking on the magnet file.
  • Your file will be downloaded now. Wait for the download to be completed.

As the downloadable file is bigger in size it takes more time to download. Whatever you need to do is just wait until your file is downloaded.

Best Torrent Downloaders for Android

Although these torrents are worldwide popular, these cannot be downloaded unless using an application. There are some official torrent apps for both Android and desktop. Some of them are listed below.

1. uTorrent- Torrent downloader

best torrent downloaders for android

uTorrent is one of the best torrent downloaders which is being used globally. Millions of clients use this application to download torrents. This app has an integrated media player which helps to view files while the file is being downloaded.

This app also has some best features like multiple files downloading, details of upload and download speeds. There is also a Wi-Fi only mode which helps in downloading files only under Wi-Fi. Only thing is it is free but it contains adds. For add-free downloads, you can opt for the premium app.

Visit Utorrent Here: uTorrent

2. BitTorrent

best torrent downloaders for android

BitTorrent is another best torrent downloader app that is used for downloading torrents with ease. This is almost exactly same as the uTorrent app and has many features as it does.

In BitTorrent, there will be no limit to the data used and if you want you can set alerts for data limits. It also consists of integrated media library from which you can access all your media files on your android device. The app comes with add, for add free downloading you can opt for additional in-app purchases. Undoubtedly, BitTorrent is one of the best torrent downloaders for android.

Visit BitTorrent Hee: BitTorrent

3. TorrDroid

best torrent downloaders for android

TorrDroid is another android app that is used for downloading torrents. The TorrDroid has an easy to use interface and some best features like Wi-Fi only mode, integrated search engine, and torrent search.

The interface is split into three parts, in which you can see history, search, and downloads. The TorrDroid also allows you to download multiple downloads. The app is for free except there will be ads included, you can remove the ads by purchasing the pro-version of TorrDroid.

Visit and Download TorrDroid Here: TorrDroid


Normally torrents are encouraged by many websites and people. But mostly downloading torrents may be an offense when it comes to the matter of downloading movies and TV shows using these torrents.

Many of us do not take certain measures while downloading torrents and this may harm one’s devices and networks. Some of the torrent files may include malicious files that may corrupt your devices. It is also important to keep one’s identity safe. As said above, you can use VPNs for android safety.

So, now that you know what torrents are and how to download them. Get Ready and start to download a torrent file using one of the best torrent downloaders for android.

“Happy torrenting”

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