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The World Wide Web has two types of Web Searches. They are ‘Deep Web’ or the Hidden Web and the Surface Web. The search engines do not index the content on the Dark Web as the secured password and protocols protect the content on the Dark Web.

A surface web search is a place where anybody can access any information from the indexed web pages. The content of it is concealed behind the HTTP protocol. The words Deep Web and Dark Web came to light in the year 2009.

Deep Web

The word Deep Web always pumps up curiosity. The concept of Deep Web is not the concept of panic or horror. In fact, we all use it very often. It simply means any hidden information on the web that we cannot find using a surface web search engine. Deep Web means anything which we cannot search for using a surface web search engine.

The characteristics of Deep Web Content

  • A secured protocol protects the information
  • Any information which is protected by a password
  • A content which is Dynamically generated content
  • The content may not have a permanent URL

Examples of the Deep Web Content

Examples of the Deep Web content we regularly protect with a password are our bank account statements, direct messages from social media, emails received through our personal maid ID etc. These are all our private content and no one else can search and get information without our permission. This is also called Deep Web.

Deep Web is also called Invisible Web or Hidden Web. Surface web is the opposite of the Deep Web. Surface web is the web search option where everybody can access the information from the indexed pages.

The general public cannot search or gain access for the content on the Deep Web because various passwords and protocols protect the content. They may belong to the Governments, illegal activists, extremists, personal research data of the scientists etc.

Dark Web Vs Deep Web

The Dark Web is not just a place to buy illegal drugs and of extremists. It is a wrong notion that the Dark Web does have dangerous, illegal and prohibited content. The DarkWeb is a massive network of communities and websites that are present and away from the mainstream internet culture.

The Two words Dark Web and Deep Web get mingled up but the difference is so simple. The Deep Web is the web where you cannot access everything as the content is protected by a password or it may be because the content was deeply buried within a regular website. The Dark Web is a part of the Deep Web that you can access only with a special browser like TOR.

Dark Web may be part of the Deep Web. The regular surface web search engines cannot provide the Dark Web Content.  The dark web is a place to websites which are anonymously hosted. These websites most commonly run illegal activities such as weapons, pornography, drugs, extremism etc.

The Dark Web is a useful way of communication where there are some restrictions on the free use of the internet. This is a useful medium for who do not want internet surveillance. Some Privacy centered surface web search engines are also running dark web services.

The Onion Router (TOR)

The websites on the dark web use the TOR( The Onion Router) encryption, besides Freenet and I2P. If you want to access these websites and their services you need some special software.  We have some directories like The Hidden Wiki. The Hidden Wiki maintains the directory of such websites on the Dark Web.

The TOR (The Onion Router), as the name indicates, there are so many layers of security. These layers work to hide the location and the content. TOR browser permits you to access the concealed websites on the dark web with the .onion domain suffix. Like.Com in Google.Com.  The TOR browser works like other web browsers, but it has some additional security settings.  This is a very slow browser.

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