Mobile Hotspots – How Do They work? A Brief Discussion And Analysis

In the recent years, the Wi-Fi technology has been well developed. Any and every public place you go to, there will be a public Wi-Fi available for you to use on.  Generally, you can find 2 types of mobile hotspots: hotspots in-house and hotspots from a provider.

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We use the mobile hotpots in-house only from the location itself; in many locations, you also find hotspots from mobile phone providers such as T-Mobile and KPN. Today, in this rapidly grown digital world, we need not bother about having the continuous internet facility. Irrespective of the place you are in, whether you are at home or not, you can enjoy yourself the internet facility.

Evolution of Mobile Network

1G and 2G networks gave scope to develop the 3G network. In 2G, there was no possibility to use the internet or other internet enabled services. 3G network is providing those internet enabled facilities up to the minimal bandwidth usage. But the 4G network is allowing to access high definition videos with large bandwidth.

People continuously watch high definition videos without break in the signal and making unlimited calls over the internet. The 4G network facility is providing excellent network and cellular signal.  These 3rd and 4th generation networks on mobiles are designed in such a way that they are empowered to stream high amount of mobile data.

The mobile users with portable internet service with mobile hotspots are making millions of emails every day and sending MMS. The users with 4G facility and mobile hotspots are enjoying themselves by making video calls on WhatsApp, Skype and some other Video calling apps with the use of mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi.

Why Should We Need Mobile Hotspots

Question is why we need a cell phone Wi-Fi hotspot when we have all these public Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi at our homes. Wi-Fi mobile hotspots help to connect to your laptop or Tablet if you go on for a vacation or somewhere else. In most cases, you cannot find public Wi-Fi Hotspots everywhere and even if you find one, it may not be for free.

A hotspot at the public place will mostly have a login page that you access when you connect to the network. You should log in there to be able to use the internet. You will often receive the log-in details through a scratch card or receipt at the location where the hotspot is located. We call such as the captive portal.

You will be stuck on that page until you have entered the correct login details. So it is always good to have a personal Wi-Fi hotspot in our hands. But these Wi-Fi Hotspots are fixed to our walls in our houses, which are obviously cannot be taken with us.

So if you have a smartphone like iPhone or Android-powered mobile hotspot devices, you would be carrying such a privilege built within them. In almost every smartphone the Wi-Fi hotspot is pre-installed into it. And also if you use mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, you need not worry about installing Apps or modifying the settings to make your Wi-Fi work.

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How Can I Configure My Wi-Fi?

In most of the smartphones switching on the Wi-Fi will be a button distance. If not, you can activate your Wi-Fi in the settings.  Whatever you need to do is, open ‘settings’ and click on ‘more settings.’ There, you will see an option named ‘tethering and portable hotspot.’ Click on that and enable it. You have finished your task. You can stream internet from your mobile phone to your laptop or Tablet.

How do these Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspots work?

Coming to know how these Wi-Fi mobile hotspots work, this will be the same as how you use your Wi-Fi device routers in your houses. When you allow mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, your mobile will wirelessly send data to the devices which have your hotspot connection. You can use the data connection to connect to the internet.

The hotspot in the mobile Wi-Fi hotspots devices sends radio signals to the nearest towers. These nearest towers send them back. And then, the mobile hotspots send the signals to the wireless hotspot devices in its surroundings.  In general, mobile hotspots work within the range of 30 feet of free and enclosed space.

A bandwidth manager equips most of the hotspots. This distributes the available bandwidth over the users. The bandwidth manager distributes the bandwidth fairly among the number of internet users at that time. It is also possible that you are assigned a certain speed, regardless of whether you are the only one using the Wi-Fi hotspot or that there are many people.

The main con of mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is that the connectivity range for the devices around may be less when compared to the Wi-Fi routers in your houses.

Effects of Mobile Wi-Fi on Battery Power Usage

Yes, the mobile Wi-Fi will definitely have some effect on degradation of your battery level. In some cases, the battery consumption is less when we connect the devices to the mobile hotspot nearer to your mobile. If they are not within the range and if the signal is not fair, trying to connect to the devices may consume more battery power. And also if you are streaming videos through your mobile hotspot which consumes much data will also affect your battery power usage.

Security of Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspots

As in the Wi-Fi routers, in the mobile Wi-Fi hotspots also you can set a password so that strangers do not connect to your Wi-Fi and consume your data for free. The mobile Wi-Fi hotspot security comes with WP and WP A2 security options.

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Can I use the Mobile Wi-Fi without a Data Connection?

Absolutely, We cannot transfer the data between the connected wifi hotspot devices without enabling the data connection. You should definitely switch on the cellular data before switching on the Wi-Fi Hotspot in your mobile. It is like if you go into Woods where there is no cellular network, your Wi-Fi also would not be working.


These mobile Wi-Fi hotspots will help you most in such cases where you need a data connection for your laptop when you are far away from your home city and you don’t know where the Wi-Fi or data connection will be available.

If you are so in need of a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can go for a hotspot device which would be a small gadget that you can take anywhere. You can connect to Wi-Fi with this type of gadget for any of your devices like the mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

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