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Photo backup Solutions – Photographs …. Photographs are invaluable. They are rich and sweet memories of the people. Photographs boost up the spirits when they help recollect the sweet memories of old and golden days of life. We may forget some sweet moments in life after a long period of time. But the photographs of those sweet moments shall make us refresh and recollect the thoughts and memories of those particular moments and give immense emotional satisfaction and strength.

photo backup solutions

Sometimes, we lose people we want and people with whom we are emotionally attached, but our photographs with those people help us come out of the grief and sorrow. We need to protect such photographs forever. They are a great asset. We have to learn about some photo backup solutions to save and protect the photographs forever.


We may lose the photographs due to wrong handling of the device or some other technical error. If we lose the photos for any reason, it is very difficult to restore them. In order to prevent such loss, we have to maintain and follow the minimum photo backup solutions.

The Probable loss of your data of Photographs occur due to the following reasons

  • Malfunctioning of your device
  • Sudden power fluctuations and misbehavior of your device
  • If your Hard Drive is crashed
  • Virus attacks
  • Physical Damage to your Device
  • Fire accidents and Natural Calamities

Best Photo Backup Solutions

We have many backup tools today to use on mobiles, tablets, and PCs. These tools are more affordable and are providing better photo backup solutions.


photo backup solutions

DropBox is a secure file sharing and one of the best photo backup solutions.

  • A unified and secure place to store all your photographs and files.
  • It is an American Company that offers file hosting service.
  • DropBox offers file synchronization, cloud storage, client software and personal cloud.
  • It creates a folder on the users’ device.

The contents of this folder are synchronized to DropBox servers. 2 GB of free storage is given to basic users. DropBox offers computers apps for Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS. It also offers mobile apps, iOS, Android and Windows ‘Phone.

Visit and Download DropBox Here: DropBox


photo backup solutions

Drobo is one of the safe and expandable photo backup solutions when you connect your computer or network to Drobo. We can expand the storage at any time. Drobo stores up to 96 TB. Drobo is one of the easiest to manage photo backup solutions.

The design of Drobo’s hybrid storage solutions is to provide the speed of solid-state drives with the equal efficiency of high capacity hard disks. Drobo is one of the best photo backup solutions keeping its high performance and affordability in mind.

Visit and Download Drobo Here: Drobo

Time Machine

photo backup solutions

Apple Time Machine is a  software application for backup, distributed as part of Mac operating system, desktop OS developed by Apple. The design of the Time Machine software is to function with a Wi-Fi router, Airport time capsule with the inbuilt hard disk. Time Machine back system protects us from system corruption. Time machine allows remounting files deleted or modified by mistake within no time and in a few clicks.

Visit and Download Time Machine Here: Time Machine


photo backup solutions

An American Company Code 42 marked the CrashPlan’s backup software and services suite. It is an online backup software which provides the best photo backup solutions.CrashPlan backs up data to remote servers or hard drives. It is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. This data is encrypted, password-protected, and stored in a proprietary format.

Visit and Download CrashPlan Here: CrashPlan


photo backup solutions

Back Blaze is a data storage provider. It offers services for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1., Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS and Android. It offers personal and business storage and B2 cloud storage. Back blaze is a totally hands-free and it encrypts and uploads the data automatically. Back Blaze is a true Set-and-Forget backup service online.

Visit Backblaze Here: Backblaze


photo backup solutions

Mozy is a backup service online for both Mac OS and Windows users. It provides services for cloud backup, mobile access, and sync. Mozy Titanium Cloud backs up this storage so that the files and photos will be more secure. It offers complete data protection and photo backup solutions.

Visit Mozy Here: Mozy

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