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When we need to know something about news, books, science, music, etc., we go for Google or for any other search engine. Why should we do the common thing always? Why not we try to use something different? Yes, Reddit can bring you out from the common browsing experience. This website is the popular website and a social news aggregation. This website is a well-known discussion and content rating website.


Founders and the History of Reddit

Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian were the two Americans who founded Reddit on 23rd June 2005. By February of 2018, it has achieved 542 million visitors among which 234 million were unique users. As per the information from Alexa internet, Reddit stood as the third most visited website and sixth most visited website in the USA and world respectively. Till 2011, it was a subsidiary of Conde Nast’s company advance publications. However, it got the independent identity in August of 2012.

Meaning of Reddit

The meaning of Reddit is nothing but ‘Read It’ The word ‘Reddit’ is produced out of the word play with the phrase ‘Read It’. The users of Reddit are called Redditors.

How Reddit Works?

Every user needs to register on the website in order to get services. The registered users can submit their respective content to the website. The submitted content may be links, images and text posts. The other members can upvote or down vote the content when the user posts the content. The most important thing to talk about this website is its platform for creating communities. We call these active communities ‘Subreddits’.

What are Subreddits?

Subreddits are user-created boards. These subreddits organize posts. The subreddits cover various types of posts like science, news, movies, music, fitness, video games etc. The most up-voted posts appear at the top of the subreddits. The moderators of this website maintain strict rules. Nearly 11,400 subreddits are in the Reddit.

‘Moderators’ are the users who run each subreddit. The moderators can define their own set of rules which they love to enforce in their subreddit. By this, there will be subreddits with the strict set of rules and some subreddits like free for all. The moderator can customize the appearance of the subreddits. Posts which get more upvotes will appear at the top of the subreddit.


The paid employees of the website are generally admins. The user can distinguish the official post from the admins with a red username including an’ (A)’ tag. The individual subreddit’s rules can be overridden by the Reddit’s site Wide rules by admin. The admin designed site-wide rules are minimal and these site-wide rules are very useful for creating a healthy platform.

The rules by the admin can disallow things like posting personal information, excessive self-promotion and deliberate manipulation of other subreddits. The user who violates site-wide rules can be banned from the site.

What can Redditors do with Reddit?

Creating a Reddit account bears a few seconds and it requires nothing other than a username and a password. After creating an account, as a user, you can customize the data on the first page or front page. We can customize certain posts or submissions only if we subscribe to the subreddits in which we have interest. A user with no subreddit account will always see the default subreddits. Long-time users can have the ability to build their own front pages and default subreddits are unseen on that front page.

The user should be aware of /r/all, a fake subreddit, which takes a lot of valuable time from users. The users with Reddit gold subscription can evade the fake subreddits by filtering out them. We can follow various collections of subreddits by using the multi-reddits sidebar option.

Even though you are customizing, you need to participate in the subreddits. You can submit anything following some subreddit’s rules. If you do not have interest in submissions, then try to make a relevant and suitable comment at least. Your comments can encourage the other users.

Following subreddits help you to get more involved with Reddit.

  • If you have a doubt about anything on Reddit – /r/ help
  • /r/ ideasfortheadmins – You can suggest the admin implement something new
  • To report a bug is found by you – /r/ bugs
  • /r/ changelog – to know the updates of the Reddit website.

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