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Before knowing anything else about the SEO tools plagiarism checker, let us first understand what the Plagiarism is and how to avoid the Plagiarism with the help of SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker.

seo tools plagiarism checker

In the Online world, with the emergence of the Internet and World Wide Web, the quantity of information has become limitless. People are providing all kinds of information through the online sources. Many people are contributing information to their websites and blogs.

This information is being duplicated, and the original idea or the original content is being suffered from this duplication and illegal copywriting.

The Writer of original content or the owner of a unique idea must be protected from this plagiarism and copywriting. Authentic and complete quotes help the designer retain ownership of his work. When the sources are not mentioned as it should, the property right of a designer is compromised.

Second, indicating the sources allows readers of your blog or paper to review the work that you consulted when you wrote your study and to retrace your argument’s data more accurately

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is merely the illegal appropriation of works or ideas attributed to other people. Plagiarism is often unintentional and we can avoid by adopting proper working methods. Whether voluntary or not, plagiarism is a severe mistake in the academic world. We can avoid this plagiarism with the help of SEO tools plagiarism checkers.

Things may be Penalized for Plagiarism

  • Claiming ownership of someone else’s creative work and present it as their own
  • Grabbing snippets of text, images, data, etc. from external sources and integrating them into their work without mentioning their source
  • Even summarizing the original idea of an author by expressing it in his own words, but omitting to mention its source
  • Plagiarism is not only a dishonest act but also an offense that may attract sanctions.

What Should You Do To Avoid Plagiarism Penalty?

Give credit to the person and always mention the source of the information when

  • Referring to the idea, opinion or theory of another person
  • Using data, graphics, illustrations, etc. originals
  • Quoting verbatim someone’s words or excerpts from written documents
  • We express them in other words.
  • To distinguish one’s ideas from those of the authors on which one is inspired;
  • know how to plan your work so that you do not run out of time at the end of the course and make a collage of your reading notes;
  • take note of all the elements which make it possible to identify the source from which the information is derived: name of the author, title of book or article, the title of a periodical, volume, number, the month of publication it is a periodical, year of publication, page (s);
  • identify in quotation marks (“”) quotations from the documentation.

SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

List of online SEO Tools plagiarism checker


Currently, in beta testing, this service suggests, in the case of an occasional visit, a quick search option (type your text).  You have to create an account if your usage is regular. A more in-depth investigation and a detailed report will then be sent to you (“advanced search”). For this, We need to purchase research credits (7 cents per 1000 characters). URL verification and file comparison are also assets that we can use to learn about your potential reuses. Plagium is an accurate Seo Tools plagiarism checker.

Visit Here: Plagium


seo tools plagiarism checker

Viper is a free software. After downloading and creating an account, you can import one or more documents to scan to your computer instantly. It is compatible with many types of materials (PDF, PowerPoint and Microsoft Office in particular). You will be able to compare your work to journals, journal databases, e-books and millions of web pages. This tool will tell you where the source of similar content is. This is an advanced SEO tool plagiarism checker.

Visit Here: Viper

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is one of the best plagiarism checking tools. After registering on the Plagiarism checker website (free account) or login via your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. account, this content checker makes it possible to compare several files.

It also works in software, on Windows, Android, and Blackberry. Several options are available: searches through Google features (Scholar, Books) but also spell checker. Plagiarism checker is the best free online small SEO tools plagiarism checker for students

Visit Here: Plagiarism Checker


The Positeo tool indicates the percentage of words identified as copied or not about the text or the source page. The verification is straightforward; it passes by the insertion of a document or an address URL to analyze. You can insert any character to with Positeo to encode in UTF-8 format. Positeo is one of the best SEO tools plagiarism checker.

Visit Here: Positeo


If you want to search on PlagScan, you need to register first. But newcomers on the site can get a starting credit of (20 units, the equivalent of 2000 words). This site received an award as best online plagiarism recognition service in 2013.  PlagScan is the best online SEO tool plagiarism checker

Visit Here: PlagScan


The tools mentioned above are the best SEO tools plagiarism checkers to check the plagiarism. Visit the websites concerned and learn about the tools in detail.

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