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What is Techy Start? 

welcome to techystart

Welcome to this ‘About Techy Start Page’ and I, Venkateswararao Sangam, thank you for giving your valuable time to visit this page. Techystart.com is a technology blog. I have been researching the importance of and advantages with blogging for the last 3 years. I had some discussions with the professional bloggers in the country. Then only I decided to opt Blogging as my career since I felt that I can do something more to my student community and the general public with blogging.

I enjoyed myself with the essence of blogging when I was learning so many technical intricacies of blogging. I started this technology blog only after a long technical journey with blogging technology. So, this blog was registered on the 4th May 2018 and the first post on this blog was published on the 11th May 2018. The primary objective of this blog is to provide the latest and the updated information on technology and science.

Why Techy Start? 

I, Venkateswararao Sangam, have started Techy Start blog. This blog always goes to the readers with the latest and updated information about windows, Android, iPhone and iPad, the internet and Tech News. This information is very useful to the general public who have to update themselves as far as science and technology are concerned.

What About Venkateswararao Sangam? 

Venkateswararao Sangam

Venkateswararao Sangam is the founder of this blog. This is one of the two blogs from my Blogging Desk. My first blog on Motivation was started on the 11th of December 2017.

The primary objective of my blog is to bring awareness among the readers by supplying the latest information about the recent changes and developments in the fields of technology and science.

I am working on a mission to empower the general public by keeping them aware of the latest technological developments.

I work as a full-time blogger from Kothavalasa, Vizianagaram district, A.P., India. I write articles on Technology and Science. I am a lecturer in English and tech-savvy person. I worked as the head of some higher educational institutions for 16 years. I started blogging as my career in 2017.

A post-graduate in English Language and Literature. I am also a post-graduate in Education and a P.G. Diploma Holder in Computers. I feel I can do something more for my students with the help of my blogs on Technology and motivation.

My Personal Blogging Desk and Its Setup 

I, Venkateswararao Sangam, have a special place at my home which is calm and serene to do my work. I work for my blogs with the following setup of digital equipment.

Techy Start - Personal Setup

  1. An HP Laptop with 2 GM RAM and 1 TB Hard Disk with Intel Core i3 processor and with Windows 10 Operating System.
  2. A Desktop with Acer monitor and Samsung CPU with 2 GB RAM and 520 GB Hard Disk
  3. Samsung On 8 Smartphone
  4. Jio Prime Membership Internet Service with an approximate speed of 30 MBPS.